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Unity Foundation Cameroon is a non-governmental, nonprofit and an apolitical organization based in Cameroon. It was founded by a group of twelve (12) young Cameroonians in 2013 in Fonfuka, Bum sub Division in Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon to transform the society and put smiles on the faces of the needy through training, agriculture, Scholarship award, promotion of talents, democracy, peace and humanitarian action. After three (3) years of impact in local communities in Boyo Division, the organization gained its legal status as a non-governmental organization in 2017. Read More



The organization Promotes education through the award of scholarships to the underprivileged.

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UFC encourages the production of food crops and livestock. The organization organizes seminars on capacity building,

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Promotion of talents

UFC promotes talents in diverse fields; Sports (football and athletics), Arts and culture (craftsmanship, music &...)

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Promotes Democracy

UFC promotes democracy, peace and good governance. We intend to assist in elections observation, train youths in...

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Humanitarian Work

Our project team ready to deliver food items to inmates of the Yaounde Central Prison. September 14 , 2018.

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Save a life project team visits Awah Junior Thomas; at the Yaounde Central Hospital. September 2018.

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Pioneer Laureats of the Unity Foundation Computer Literacy Centre, December 2017. Head office, Fonfuka

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Dzekushu Protus an inmate of the Yaounde Central Prison and beneficiary of the "Save a life Project" launched in September 2018 by UFC

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UFC's Condolence visit to the Sawi Palace in Bum sub division, Boyo after the palace was ravaged by storms early April 2018.

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Anzas Ambe Louis; an inmate of the Yaounde Central Prison and beneficiary of the "Save a life Project" launched in September 2018 by UFC

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Awah Thomas Junio ( inmate Yaounde Central Prison )

"My health started deteriorating in April 2018, efforts by many individuals and organisations to take me out for treatment felt on deaf ears. In September 2018, I was informed in the morning of 16th September, 2018 that i have to go to the hospital the next day, when I asked to know who was to take me out, I was told Unity Foundation will take care of me. Since they took me to the Yaounde Central Hospital they have settled every bill for the 30 days i was hospitalised. Good bless this wonderful Foundation".

Dzekushu Protus( inmate Yaounde Central Prison )

"I have never heard of Unity Foundation Cameroon. I only learned about the Foundation when I started walking on crutches and was told, Unity Foundation will take me to the hospital. I spent, 8 days and the Yaounde Central Hospital while my health went out of risk, when I got back to prison, they bought me a bed and mattress. I will remain forever grateful to this Organisation.

Anzas Ambe Louis( inmate Yaounde Central Prison )

Am short of words, when I didn't know someone somewhere will ever get to me right here in prison. I was informed by a fellow inmate that Unity Foundation contacted him pleading that he should look for Anzas Louis Ambe, for he will be taken to the hospital the next day. Behold, the next in the morning, Unity Foundation took me to the military hospital. A series of test were carried out and some drugs prescribed. I have been taking the drugs and there is great improvement as we await the tests results.

Ajabe Felix( inmate Yaounde Central Prison )

"I thank Unity Foundation for the help they have rendered to me. I was short on the leg in kumba and taken to the Yaounde the same day at night. The bullet caused a fracture on my leg, while in Prison an iron was stationed on the leg and it has been pending. Unity Foundation took me for X-Ray at the Military Hospital in Yaounde and some drugs were also prescribed that helped kill the pains. After 6 months they will take me back for examination"

Sisikou Ayuk Julius Tabe( inmate Yaounde Main Prison )

"Keep on with the good works Unity Foundation, since we were transferred from the secretariat of state Defense to the Yaounde Main Prison, Unity Foundation has relent efforts to make sure we eat. Keep on" God will bless you all"

Our Team

Yunji Wilson Yai

President/Chief Executive Officer

Ntang Julius Meleng

Secretary General /Programs Officer

Kwa Mirabel Befih

Financial Secretary

Muam George

Communication Officer

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