Peace and Democracy Program

Background of the Program

Conscious of the fact that no sustainable and beneficial endeavour can thrive in an atmosphere of insecurity, UFC pays so much attention to Peace and Democracy as pillars of a calm and serene society. Coming from a country with a long history farmer-grazer conflicts, land disputes and now the current crises (Boko haram incursions in the Northern regions driven by bad governance, Insecurity in the East Region and the sociopolitical crisis in the North West and South West Regions), the foundation saw it indispensable to include peace and Democracy to its programs. We have four different approaches under this program

Sports for Peace (SPOP): Through this approach, we engage with partners and local communities in Cameroon to organise sports events that build the spirit of oneness and social cohesion.

Culture for Peace (CUP): We organise cultural events to build the spirit of peaceful coexistence within communities and individuals.

Digital Skills for Peace (DISKIP): This program is inculcated in our Skills for Employment and Progress) program. We train students, professionals, and IDPs ICT and other job related skills to deviate them from acts of violence.

Electioneering and Training: We organize training workshops on Conflict prevention and resolution strategies, leadership and community development. Through these workshops, community leaders, Youths leaders, etc, are trained to be actors of peace in their various communities. Elections, if mismanaged, are usually fertile grounds for the disruption of social cohesion and it is mindful of this fact that the foundation opted to ensure that everything unfolded in a free and fair manner.