Scholarship program

Background of the Program

The scholarship program of Unity Foundation Cameroon (UFC) is as old as the idea of creating the organization. It started in 2013 when the Founding President (Yunji Wilson Yai) started encouraging children of school going age who had no means to enroll into schools by paying their tuition fee.

The scholarship program is divided into two categories; Academic and need based scholarships.

Academic scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to needy children and students who demonstrate strong interest to enroll at elementary, college, professional and university education. This scholarship is offered in two forms; partial and full tuition depending on the need and availability of resources. It is also done to institutions in form of didactic material

Need based scholarships: This category is awarded in the form of assistance to the needy who want to undertake vocational training in any trade of their choice. The concerned is assisted materially or financially depending on the need and availability of resources.