Skills for Employment and Progress (SKEP) Program

Background of the Program

Unity Foundation Cameroon operates five main programs that cover a wide spectrum of its objectives. We have the Skills for Employment and Progress (SKEP) Program, Humanitarian program, Peace and democracy, Scholarship and Agriculture programs. These programs have been developed with the attention to attain the organization’s vision while matching the sustainable development goals.

Youths in Cameroon make up 60% of the total population (2005 population census), this means that if this age group is neglected, the communities are bound to suffer gravious consequences. The unemployment rate in Cameroon as of 2020 stood at 3.62% (, indicating a slide increase as from 2019. Amongst the unemployed, over 70% are youths (young people between the ages of 15 and 35). Youth unemployment is a serious crisis in the world (Mercy Corps 2020, Alison McClelland and Fiona Macdonald 1998) and in Cameroon in particular. Unemployment currently affects over 67.6million young people around the world (Mercy Corps 2020). Youth unemployment is one of the most common causes of conflict in the world especially in Africa where there are over 200million young people (Mercy Corps 2020). Added to the minimal crime waves (coupe de route, insecurity in urban areas), faced by Cameroon before 2013 are a series of conflicts and security crises (Incursions by rebels from the Central African Republic in the East Region, Boko Haram in the Northern Regions and the sociopolitical crisis in the North West and South West Regions), youths are at the center of such acts. Unemployed youths are easily recruited by Boko Haram, rebels and armed groups. The role of youths in the various conflicts across Cameroon is a clear example of their vulnerable situation. After reflecting on how to make the youths, IDPs and students responsible, self-reliant and very competitive in the job market, UFC come up with a scheme aimed at imparting them with gainful and life-changing skills.Through the secretariat of the Foundation, IDPs, youths and students from all parts of Cameroon are imparted computer skills alongside tips on Job Interviews, Public Speaking, Report Writing, Responsible use of social media platforms, writing a winning CV, Motivational Letter, Personal Statement and the master of virtual office tools like; Trelo, Google Drive, etc.

This program was established in 2017 in Fonfuka, Bum where the head office of the organization is located, but was moved to the annex office in Yaounde in early 2020 following the insecurity in the region, which made it difficult for our trainees to assemble children. The necessary materials to carry out the trainings also became difficult to acquire due to either ghost town injunctions, ban on transportation or complete unavailability.

Nonetheless, before the program was disrupted by the crisis, we had successfully trained 27 youths.

Since transferring the program to Yaounde, some 80 youths have been trained. On Saturday, September 04, 2021, we graduated the 5th cohort of trainees.

By 2025, the foundation intends to train at least 1000 Cameroonians through this program.