Yunji Wilson Yai is a native of Bum in Boyo Division of theNorth West Region of Cameroon, born on Sunday July 19, 1982 in Wum, MenchumDivision of the North West Region of Cameroon to Yai Tah and Ndum Esther both natives of Bum, Boyo Cameroon. Being the third child from a family of seven (7), he started his primary school inGovernment School (GS) Fundong andlater Cameroon Baptist Convention School,Fujua where he successfully passed through classes five(5) and six(6). Due to the unstable nature of his fatherdue to his job, he completed his primary education in GS Fonfuka. As part of the pioneer batch of Government Technical College (GTC) Fundongin 1997, he graduated with a CAP Certificate in Building and Construction. He enrolled into Canada College in Bamenda in 2001 and later graduated with a Baccalaureate Certificate inLands and Surveys. This was remarkable as he was the first student since the creation of the school to graduate after three years of successful studies.

Mr Yunji as brilliant as he was wrote a series of competitive public and private entrance examinations after graduating from college, some of which are theentrance exams into theNational Advanced school of Public Works (ENSTP)Yaoundé Cameroon, the entrance into the Yaounde CombinedServices Military Academy (EMIA)Cameroon,and the LondonInformation Technology School of Lands and Surveys,all in 2003 andsucceeded in all these examsbut preferred ENSTP where heenrolled and latergraduated as an engineer in lands and surveys in 2006.

Since graduatingin 2006, he has worked with “Buns Enterprise” a Cameroon based public workscompany,and with the government of Cameroon as a senior Technician in Lands and Surveys particularly with the Ministry of Land Tenure and Surveys where he is currently thehead of service.Yunji Wilson equally holds a diplomain Topography obtained in 2014 from the Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC) Bambili, Cameroon.He is married to Yunji Mirabel and a fatherof four (04),one girl 3 boys.He is a staunch Baptist,baptized in 1997 in Fonfuka-Bum.

Yunji Wilson Yai becamea household name in Boyo Division,andCameroonbecause of the services he started rendering tohis community. In the year 2000, he started his community service as the General Scribe of the Lakabum Family Meeting(LFM)andasvice president of the Bum Youths Cultural and Development Association (BYCUDA) in Yaoundé where he ruled from2011 to 2013. In 2016, he was electedpresident of Bum Development Union (BDU) Yaoundébranch, making himthe youngest at the age of 34 torule the branch since creation in1944.

With the passion to transform his community,Yunji hasbeen promoting unityand developmentthrough education, sports, agriculture, peace and democracy in Cameroon. In 2013 he started organizing football competitions and awarding scholarships to underprivileged children. This move urgedhim to gather some young Cameroonians and together they foundedUnity Foundation Cameroon(UFC). Apart frombeing a social entrepreneur, he is equally an economic entrepreneur. He owns a wholesale provision store called “Unity provision store”in Mvog-mbi Yaounde, Cameroon. With his passion to put smiles on the faces of the underprivileged coupled with proven hard work and determination as a social and economic entrepreneur, Unity Foundation Cameroonstands to gaina lot from him. Mr Yunji is pursuing an MSC in Geomatics Engineering at Atlantic International University (AIU), USA and at the Amadou Bello University (ABU) in Nigeria.