What we do

Unity Foundation Cameroon operates four main programs that cover a wide spectrum of its objectives. We have the Scholarship, Agriculture, Peace and Humanitarian programs. These programs have been developed with the attention to attain the organization’s vision.

1) Scholarship program

The scholarship program of Unity Foundation Cameroon (UFC) is as old as the idea of creating the organization. It started in 2013 when the Founding President started encouraging children of school goingage who had no means to enroll into schools.

The scholarship is divided into two categories; Academic and need based scholarship.

Academic scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to needy children and students who demonstrate strong interest to enroll at elementary, college,professional and university education. This scholarship is offered in two forms; partial and full tuition depending on the need and availability of resources, and award of didactic materials

Need based scholarships: This category is awarded in the form of assistance to the needy who want to undertake vocational training in any trade of their choice. The concerned is assisted materially or financially depending on the need and availability of resources.

Since the conception of the scholarship program in 2013 that was Code named, Yunji’s Scholarship Scheme, over 100 pupils and students have benefited through the payment of full and partial tuition feesin primary schools and colleges in the North West Region of Cameroon.

2) Agricultural Program

Many local communities in Cameroon are endowed with fertile soils for both food and cash crop cultivation,but unfortunately, these communities are caught up in abject poverty because their main means of livelihood (agriculture) is not well utilized due to poor farming techniques, lack of farm tools, low purchasingpower (caused by the lack of good farm to market roads), etc. Given that government effortscannot impact every farmer directly, in 2015, UFC saw the need to incorporate agriculture into itsprograms. The main focus has been to expose the challenges faced by local farmers in Cameroon and help provide solutions to some of these challenges. In December 2016, an agro pastoral show was organized in Konene, Bum subdivision, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon that culminated inthe training of farmers in common farm practices that leadto good yields. Over 100 farmers participated in the show where varied farm products and livestock were exhibited; exhibitorswhose products were outstandingwent home with prizes ranging from cash to farm tools. Each participant was entitled to a cutlass and hoe as a sign of encouragement from the Founding president of UFC. In summary, farm tools and prizes worth over 1 million (2,000USD) were distributed to farmers.

3) Peace program

The peace program of the organization was conceived with inspiration from the sociocultural diversity of Cameroon that has acted more like an obstacle to development and peaceful co-existence. The program is aimedat promoting peaceful co-existence, social inclusion and cohesion through cultural events like cultural festivals andsportsevents like football, handball, and marathons. The peace program equally entails building peace through conflict prevention and resolution by organization training workshops and seminars in communities with focus onconflict prevention and resolution strategies

In 2016, the organization initiatedthe maiden cultural festival in Bum Subdivision, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. This festival brought together over 1500 people including 17 cultural dance groups across Boyo Division.

Training workshops

To train local administrators, traditional rulers, religious authorities, presidents of local development associations,UFC organized a leadership workshop at the BumDevelopment Union (BDU) Hall in Fonfuka on March 17th2017 that saw the participation of 20 community leaders and over 1000 indigenes in and around Fonfuka.

Sportsfor peace (SPOP)

Unity Foundation Cameroon organizes sport activities such as football competitions, handball, marathons etc. InDecember 2016, the Foundationin view to harness talents and promote social inclusion and peaceful co-existence, organized a football tournament in Konene, Bum subdivision, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon that saw the participation of over 16 teams. This competition was spiced by a semi marathon in the same locality. UFC have organized over four major annual sportsevents from 2013 to 2016. In 2016, over300 athletes within and without Bum subdivision in Boyo Division participated in the maiden edition of the UFC semi-marathon.

Digital Skills for Peace (DISKIP)

With the growing influence of social media and digital technology in today’s society, Unity Foundation Cameroon (UFC) in 2017 started a training program on basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Skills. This program gave birthto the creation of the Unity Foundation Computer Training Centre (UFCCTC). The program is aimed at equipping youths in local communities with ICT skills that will enable them mitigatethe causes of conflicts inthe digital landscape in Cameroon and beyond, through advocacy campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The official inauguration of the Centretook placein April 2017 in Fonfuka, Bum Subdivision.In December 2017, the Centre graduated its first and second batches of over 30 trainees and in October 2019, the Centre graduated its third batch of over 20 trainees.

4) Humanitarian Program

In a bitto alleviate suffering during and after disasters and wars around the world as stipulated by the International Humanitarian Charter, UFC as a local non-governmental organization saw the rising need to support the efforts of international humanitarian organizations at the local level (Cameroon). In this light, UFC has been actively engaged in the field since the escalation of the conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon in 2016, providing relief aid to victims in the form of medical assistance, food, basic needs and counseling. Within the framework of this program, the organization designed the Safe a Life Project to ensure proper dissemination of resources to the affected persons, particularly in prisons across Cameroon.

Since the project was launched on September 14, 2018, over 500 detainees in detention facilities in Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda and Buea have benefitted from its magnanimity through the supply of foodstuffs, medication and other basic necessities.

The Foundation has had to deal with five critical cases in Yaoundé. If some of the detainees in Yaounde are still alive today, it is by a stroke of luck. The first amongst these cases is Awah Thomas Junior, a journalist by profession, who was rushed to the Yaoundé Central Hospital in 2018in a critical state. After intensive care and strict follow up, he recovered and was taken back to prison,though he has been placed under constant medication, followed up by the Foundation.