About Unity Foundation Cameroon

UFC is a non-governmental, nonprofitand an apolitical organization based in Cameroon. It was founded by a group of twelve (12) young Cameroonians in 2013 in Fonfuka, Bum sub Division inBoyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon to transform the society andput smiles on the faces of the needythroughagriculture,education, promotion of talents, democracy, peace and humanitarian action. Afterthree (3) yearsof impact in local communities in Boyo Division, the organization gained its legal statusas a non-governmental organization in 2017. The birth of Unity Foundation Cameroonwas a dream come true for Yunji Wilson Yai who is the main brain behind its creationand the vision bearer. He has always desired, from childhood,to transform his community by creating an impact inpeople’s lives in anylittle way that God makespossible. He started this by organizing inter quarter football competitions and offering didactic material to schoolsin some villages in Bum sub Division. In Early 2013 in Yaoundéhe decided to share his vision withsome of hiscompatriots who never gave a second thought before acceptingto accompany him and that is how the dream was nurtured.

In the course of the journey to create UFC, no stone has been left unturned to restore unity, peaceful communities, and hope to the hopeless in Cameroon. In 2013, the organization carried out two successful events in Buabua, Bum subdivision, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon:award of scholarships and the organization of sporting events (football). Buabua which is aresettlement camp forsurvivors of the1986 Lake Nyos gas disaster was thrilled with the event. Five (5) students benefited from the UFC Scholarhip program to thetune of 132,500XAF(One hundred and thirty two thousand five hundred francs)in Government Secondary School (GSS) Buabua.The Football competition was organized in view to encourage and promote talents, peaceful co-existence and social cohesion.Still in Buabua in 2014, another scholarship scheme was executed where fifteen (15) students were paid full tuition fees in the same school amounting to397,500XAF (Three hundred and ninety seven thousand five hundred francs).

The organization in 2015 shifted its activities from the Buabua resettlement camp to -banother 1986 Lake Nyos gas survivor’s resettlement camp called Kimbi River. Thatyear, the organization sponsored Fifteen (15) students in Government Technical College (GTC) Kimbi River to thetune of 525,000XAF(Five hundred and twenty five thousand francs).

In 2016, the organization put smiles on the faces of forty five (45) pupils and students from the villages of Konene, Ngunabum, Sawi (Yvunghachim) Saff, Ngonafesi and Balihawarding them full tuition scholarships to thetune of 1,125,000XAF(One million, one hundred and twenty five thousandfrancs). The scholarship award ceremony that took place in September 2016 was followed by the organization of a grandeventin December 2016 in Konene including an annual cultural festival, sports competition, andamaiden agro-pastoralshow.


To make life easier fordisadvantaged individuals and communities inCameroon


Unitingindividuals and communities to fight for a better future by promoting peace and democratic governance through onlineand offline trainings and campaigns, developing strategies such as the organization of annual cultural festivals to promote social cohesion and peaceful co-existencein local communities, collaboratingwith the government and the international community to encourageinclusive democratic governancewhich is a driving force for peace, enhancing access to skills acquisitionand educationthrough the award of scholarships, encouraging agriculture through trainings on good farming techniques and the organization of agro-pastoral shows, enhancing access to relief aid forvictims of crisis, conflicts and disasters, collaboratingwith volunteer experts, local and international non-governmental organizations, policy executioners and decisionmakers, the media, local and traditional authorities in raising awareness on acts that retardhuman development.


Yunji Wilson Yai

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Kwa Mirabel Befih

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Muam George

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